Real Estate Investing for Social Good

ACCESS Medical Development launched WEALTH4WOMEN, a division that meets and exceeds investment performance for financial return with social and environmental gain through traditional medical real estate development.  WEALTH4WOMEN is committed to exploring diverse ways that investment capital can be leveraged to generate positive triple bottom line returns for people, planet and profit.

WEALTH4WOMEN is majority-owned and managed by women. 

WEALTH4WOMEN principals operate a not-for-profit, The Audacity Project Foundation, that invests in social enterprises, and women-led companies in education, health and housing creating  “ACCESS to Wealth Through Health.”  
Our key impact themes are:

  • Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Income Growth for All
  • Investing in Communities
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Share Wealth
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Opening Access
  • Community Partnerships

WEALTH4WOMENprincipals are actively engaged in the Impact Investing Community through the following leading Impact Organizations:

  • Social Venture Circle
  • Opportunity Collaboration
  • Impact Finance Center
  • CO Impact Days and Initiative
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Additionally, WEALTH4WOMEN is creating wealth for women and minorities through leveraging the JOBS Act and commercial real estate investing.